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Delivery rate up to 99.99%

SMS and mails are successfully delivered to most commonly used mailboxes in China without getting into SPAM. Also, push notifications can be sent to Chinese Android phones.

Integrate local services

Connect existing backend services of your app to China local services through an API. Focus on developing your app while we handle the connections with Chinese services, applications and authorities.

Support in English

Help desk and knowledge based help center are documented in English. This solves a lot of ambiguity and miscommunication problems when getting support from local companies.

Bridge Over Troubled Wall

"Things are always breaking and policies are always changing in China. With this problem in mind, Twilit was born with the purpose of localizing international apps to China. Ultimately our goal is to provide Chinese people a unified user experience both inside and outside of China. On the note of user experience, Chinese are not so different from the rest of the world. They are equally concerned with bad UX, bombardment of advertisement and censorship.

Our vision is to help apps to integrate seamlessly into China or international markets with the shortest time possible, thereby giving users better alternatives to choose from."


Where is Twilit hosted?
Twilit is hosted in China to ensure Chinese users are getting the best experience with your app.

Do I need a China legal entity to register an account?
No, you wouldn't need a China legal entity. This usually takes up to one month.

Can I use Twilit if I do not develop mobile apps?
Yes, you can. We currently support Android SDK, iOS SDK, Javascript SDK and REST API.

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